Products & services

for all clients

Personal Savings

Open a High Yield Savings Account Today and Save with Confidence.

Chama and Group Account

This account caters for both registered and non-registered groups with a main objective to have an account where they can consistently save their money.

Business Current Account

The Integrity Micro Finance Bank business current account is a flexible account for businesses of all sizes which want more from a bank account than paying and receiving.

Smart Kid/ Junior Account

Cultivate a savings culture in your children with an Integrity micro-finance Children’s Account, which offers a lot of benefits whilst teaching your child the joys of financial.

Mobile Banking and Lending

 Integrity Micro-finance customers can now access instant loans and also set investment goals for periods between 3 to 12 months, earning attractive interest.

Church Account

We are Pleased to offer our specialized banking services to religious organizations of all types, regardless of creed or theology.